About us


Database Advisor is an educative project with large database, which helps estimate how skilled the participants are in recognizing the majority opinion, their interpersonal intelligence level in other words, through holding marketing surveys.

How it works

After signing up with our database, the participants answer 30 questions posted on the project on a daily basis and score corresponding rates. The responses should not reflect Advisors’ personal opinions, but be based on the majority opinion and preferences. You score higher points if your answers match the majority opinion more often than not. Participants with the highest rates become the leaders in the rating list and, correspondingly, get the right to participate in the tournaments. Participants can follow their achievements online by visiting the “Activity Log” and “User Rating”.

Interpersonal Intelligence

American psychologist, famous for founding the "theory of multiple intelligences", Howard Gardner says that our emotions play a much bigger role in being successful in a family or work, than it is given credit for. But what is “interpersonal intelligence”? It may be defined as the ability to recognize emotions, understand motives, intentions and feelings of both yourself and others. Established and well-tuned relations and cooperation, understanding of one’s own emotions and feelings, recognizing those of others are the formula for success in every field.

What it gives you

Most significantly, participants at Database Advisor are taught the skills of recognizing the majority opinion. We help our advisors improve their interpersonal intelligence, which is a strong driver on the way to success.

By participating actively in the surveys of the project on a daily basis, our participants gain new knowledge, expand their horizons and discover new skills. We, on the other hand, fulfill one of our functions. As recruiters we have a mandatory CV that our participants fill in. Correspondingly, we create an opportunity for them to find a better job, matching their talents and abilities, as we submit these forms to potential employers. This is not all. Participants, who win in the tournaments and make it to the rating lists of leaders as a result of daily surveys, are granted an opportunity of guaranteed incomes.